Thursday, 1 June 2006

The Prodigal Returns

I know I have been terribly remiss. It has been now over a month since I have posted here. Slightly has even received complaints, apparently!

My apologies therefore to those of you who are still bothered after such a show of callous indifference.

As you may remember, I have left my (horrible, accursed, boring, stultifying) job at the Local Council where I had been working for four and a half years. This to join a new venture (notice the .eu website) with Slightly and a few other people. Since then time has taken a new evanescent quality heretofore never attained. Although I do not have the impression to be working at all, the days just fly by like a gaggle of drag queens in a Saturday night in Soho: barely looked at and disappeared in a flash with no memory of the event.

My stint at the Council was wound up on Friday 21 April by a short presentation where I received the traditional signed card, a few book tokens, a box of mints and a bottle of Champagne, as well as the best wishes of my current and previous managers. After work, some people joined me at (read: "dragged me to") the Castle, a local pub in Camberwell for a few drinks. I was pleased to say that the event was patronised by celebrity. Craig Doyle, the hunky BBC presenter graced the place with his lovely person. He was there with two friends. This was the occasion of an impromptu and not very discrete camera phone photo session, the drunk results of which you can see below.

Craig Doyle at the Castle, Camberwell
There is even a short video in existence taken by my soon no longer to be and already a little gone (so to speak) manager. Infortunately, it doesn't seem to play on computers (in 3gp format, if that is any help).

The evening apparently ended with some girl on girl action, but I was already safely home by then and my innocent eyes were spared these unsightly proceedings.

On Tuesday 25th, I started work in "sunny" Croydon, where we are temporarily based. Since then the only major events have been the Chorus' concert at the Cadogan Hall, which went down quite well and, on the morning of the same day, a fun, free day discovering London. This was in honour of the delegates of Legato, the umbrella organisation for gay and lesbian european choirs. They were in town to decide which city would be hosting the 2009 edition of the Various Voices Festival. The Chorus were spear heading the bid and Design for Diversity was sponsoring it. London was the winning city. You can read more about the day and the bid here.

Other than this, we have been working on the final details of setting up the company and started to contact potential clients. Nothing has really happened yet but the prospects are very encouraging and it is only a question of time...


  1. ...welcome back errant poster. About time too

  2. Tsk and about time too!

    *spanks Zefrog for not posting...

    2nd thoughts he'd enjoy that too much...


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