Monday, 19 June 2006

Lesbians are not Homosexuals

From the Advocate, cames this incredible piece of new, that a Judge in the UK has ruled that lesbians are not actually homosexual. There isn't much that can be said in the face of so much ignorance and idiocy. This would almost be funny if the repercussions of such a ruling were not so serious.
An asylum-seeking Ugandan lesbian now in the United Kingdom is being told by a U.K. judge that she will be sent back to Africa because "lesbians are not homosexuals" and that only gay males in Uganda face persecution.
Elizabeth Muhwezi could face deportation to Uganda as soon as Sunday. Muhwezi was set to be deported last week; however, human rights organizations temporarily prevented it. The judge also questioned Muhwezi's lesbian identity because she is a mother.
While living in Uganda, Muhwezi was kidnapped from her home shortly after visiting an underground gay club, according to the British gay rights organization OutRage! She was held for five months at a "safe house," where she was raped and beaten. Uganda is one of the most homophobic nations in the world, according to OutRage!
"I am desperate," Muhwezi said in a statement. "I fled to the U.K. hoping for protection. Now I am in a prison fearful that any moment I will be sent back to Uganda. I am terrified of what will happen to me."
"Elizabeth Must Stay," a campaign fighting Muhwezi's deportation, is rallying U.K. supporters to keep her in the United Kingdom. The Advocate
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