Monday, 7 August 2006

How Lovely?!

I had my first nasty comment on this blog today (attached to the previous post). Someone asking my why I didn't go back to where I am from and including derogatory remarks about my being gay. As always in that sort of situation, the author finds himself incapable of mustering enough courage to reveal his identity and therefore give some legitimity to his words.

As for the reason, why I am staying in this country, I could say that it is because I love London, that is feels like home to me. A place of increadible opportunities with a vibe of open-mindedness not to be found anywhere else in my (limited) experience. And this would all be true.

But I have now a whole new reason to stay: because it bothers dear Mr (or Mrs) Annonymous...

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  1. For goodness'sake, Zefrog, do yourself a HUGE favour and please re-read/proofread your posts before posting them online as they are invariably riddled with typos which someone endowed with an intellect like yours really shouldn't be making.

    "A place of *increadible* opportunities" and "because it bothers dear Mr (or Mrs) A***nn***onymous...within two or three sentences. Hard to stomach.

    And while I am at it, "give some legitimity to his words" is one of those anglicismes which a CAPES-holder really shouldn't succumb to. "Legitimacy".......pleazzzzzzzzze...

    A fellow expat from Frogland

  2. The emotion was all too much for me or perhaps, it is because I am not a CAPES-holder... :O)

    but thanks for the corrections.

  3. *hugs*

    We'll go out at the weekend, hunt Mr or Mrs Rude Anon down and give them a good talking to.


  4. What is it with people so willing to offer an opinion without being brave enough to stick their name next to it!?

    Keep typing Zefrog!!



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