Wednesday, 6 September 2006

Caught in the (Gay) Act

One of the members (who was obviously bored at work) spotted this bootleg clip of the Chorus rehearsing, on YouTube. We (yes, I was there) were doing a last minute rehearsal before our performance at the Royal Albert Hall for Europride 2006, The Show on 02 July 2006.

Another member commented on this:
There's nothing more beautiful than when a voyeur stumbles upon a gardenful of exhibitionists. What a shame this girl's
commentary isn't transcribed - some of it is priceless (particularly their fondness for "the biker guy" wearing a "wifebeater".)

My chief memory of that very fun afternoon rehearsal was watching tour buses go by and wildly point their cameras in our direction, and the old people who stopped to listen to us and smiled appreciatively - then backed away in horror and shooed the small children away as they learned of our slightly less G-rated intentions.
Also spotted, a fleeting glance of the Chorus float during the parade at Pride, the day before.

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