Wednesday, 6 September 2006

Stephen Green Arrested

From MediaWatchWatch we learn that Stephen Green, the National Director of the infamous Christian Voice, was arrested last week-end during Cardiff Mardi Gras.

While I am pleased to see that Christian Voice should have recently disappeared from the BBC's radar (I like to think due to things like this), and also that they are recognised for the homophobe that they are, I have to say I am slightly concerned by this arrest.

Stephen Green is, despite what he claims, no friend of freedom of speech (He was at the origin of the furore when the BBC tried to broadcast Jerry Springer the Opera, trying to ban it) and I certainly don't like what he has to say. I had a very quick look at the leaflets (pdf file) he was arrest for distributing. The leaflets are a re-iteration of what the Bible has to say about same-sex (with the Christian Voice slant, of course). On the whole, however, the text is much milder and sounds much more sensible than Green's usual rethoric. It is interesting to note that David and Jonathan have been forgotten as examples of same-sex love. In the end, I only see someone expressing his views, here.

As I said, not a view I share but I don't think that opposition to this man's views is an excuse to turn into what he is: someone who can not abide options different from his own.

Now that he has been arrested, Mr Green can become a martyr to his cause. I much better way to fight him and his narrow minded friends is to speak out as loud as they do, confront them when they are being disingenuous and general show people that we are not as different or bad as they might think we are.

Find out more about Green's exploits here.

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