Monday, 25 September 2006

Liberating Books

Spending time outside of London, away from civilisation, brings out the worst in certain persons. You'll need to follow that link and read the post if you want to understand what follows.

Yes, it is me in the picture but I was only LOOKING at the books. Slightly, on the contrary "liberated" two of them AND it was his idea in the first place.

Ok, I admit I just didn't find anything I found interesting.

The reassuring thing is that, considering the (pungent) quality of the punters of the place, the staff would probably never imagine that anyone would be interested in...erm..."liberating" any of those dusty old things on the shelves.

The Churchill first edition (Painting as a Pastime) Slightly picked up is probably worth about £30 though... Not bad for £5.50 for two meals outing!

There are three more shelves for us to explore...

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