Saturday, 3 February 2007

Tempus Fugit

As people grow older they tend to complain that time goes faster. Is it because, as we grow old we become aware that life is a one off chance, not a rehearsal for something grander and better? Is it because time actually does go faster as we grow old? Or is there a psychological reason for the feeling? I don't have the slightlest idea. If you were starting to expect an answer, please accept my apologies for not coming up with the goods.

Not knowing the reason for this, does not stop me from experiencing it myself. The fact that my days are spent doing mostly nothing and certainly nothing intellectually challenge could suggest expension rather than constriction of the space-time continuum but this actually compounds the impression as each day blurs into its borthers into an unrecognisable mass of hazy meaninglessness.

Slightly more worrying (if possible), is that whole days seem to be disappearing from my life. For the second week running, my thursday has disappeared. Here I was on Wednesday, thinking that tomorrow would be Thrusday, only to suddenly realise the next day with a start that it was actually Friday. No trace of Thursday.

I know I am getting on a bit but I don't think I am senile quite yet. I could hypothesise that Slightly is playing with my mind but he is way to busy playing with other things. It's probably simply that my mental health is an even worst state than I thought. Again I have no idea where this is coming from. And again, I apologise for not coming up with the good.

Not a very successful day, I am having, hey?

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  1. no. The reason why time flies the older we get is that the more time that passer the shorter a fixed period's all relative.

    So for example, as a 10 year old, a year is a whole tenth of our life. However by the time we get to 40 it's reduced to a much lesser period-only a fortieth of our life.

    So, time flies, literally....


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