Wednesday, 14 February 2007

Valentine's Day Romance?

I am feeling quite excited and chuffed tonight, which is admitedly something you will rarely get to read on this blog. Enjoy the feeling! I certainly do.

(I know I used this pic last year already but it appeals to my cynical nature.)

As chance would have it, I meant up with two guys, today of all days. Both were met on the Internet, in one of THOSE websites.

The first one, let's call him SC, I had actually already met several years ago at a dinner party held by a mutual friend. We had not been in touch after that, until he spotted my profile a few days ago. After lots of chatting online, and since we seem to get along nicely, we had decided to test the water in the "real" world, choosing Valentine's Day without much purpose other perhaps than a slight post-modern thought.

The second guy, TH for you, I also met a few days ago and similarly, upon seeing how great we went on online, we had decided to meet up "for real". Today's meeting with TH actually not quite the first one either. We very quickly met last night at the Age Concern Cabaret night where I was singing. I had let him know about it and he had decided to come along. We only exchanged a few words at the time.

I spent a good time with both guys but had, like with too many others before, to tell them, that the only relationship we would have would be a friendly and platonic one (and I am not implying that men are queueing around the block for me but simply that I would like to meet one I don't have to do that to).

Once I got home, as I was chatting to SC on msn, the idea suddenly struck me that since TH has physical features similar to mine, SC might be interested in him. I showed TH's profile to SC who immediately confirmed my suspicion. I now had to confirm with TH that he might find SC of interest. I gave him a quick phone call to tell him to log on once I got home and when he did so, showed him SC's profile to which he gave his seal of approval.

The last step of my machiavelic plan was to actually introduce the pair to each other, which I forthwith did by the means of a "threeway" MSN chat, asking the guys to add each other to their respective contact list and to make me a braidsmaid when the time comes. They greeted each other, exchanged a few jokes and quickly logged off for the night.

This is probably the most exciting Valentine's Day I have ever had. Not only do I meet two guys on the day but I also get to play matchmaker... A dream come true, surely for a meddling old spinster like moi. SC also showed me the profile of one of his contacts whom he says is a "nice bloke". He certainly has a great body...

On a side note, it was amazing how many couples were out tonight wallowing in their rosy tinted happyness and brandishing roses and other bunches of flowers. A surprising number of visibly gay and lesbian couples had also joined in the fun.

Let's hope this story ends well for TH and SC... I'll keep you posted.


  1. You old matchmaker....

    I do belive you are getting even more melancholy in your dottage.

    T xxx

  2. You are so selfless, a bit like a mother theresa of dating. Did you at least get a valentines kiss? B x

  3. I suppose your comparision is quite appropriate, considering what a bitch Mother Theresa actually was.

    No kiss, not cards, no nothing...

    Same old, same old...


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