Sunday, 4 November 2007

Bonfire night


Slightly dragged me to Blackheath last night to watch the fireworks. Rather than joining the crowds gathering near where the fireworks were taking place, we decided to stand back a bit and stayed about halfway in the middle of the heath. The view was good. We apparently missed the music though.

As for the fireworks, I might be getting blaze but I don't seem to have enjoyed the last few I have seen. Last night's were rather boring. This was mostly due, in my view to a lack of rhythm. There were long periods with little happening and all in all the event was a bit too long.

After that we went nearby to the place of one of Slightly's friends who was having drinks. That was quite nice.

I got home very late after a bus driver waving at us rather than stopping! and a punch up with police involvement on the bus I finally managed to board. Ah! Deptford!


  1. Tsk, and nothing about you tasting three or four types of gin, whiskey, bourbon, and wine... Not to mention the fact that with all this tasting you were, one might say.. slightly merry.


  2. Ok so: ! half glass of red wine, a small half glass of bourbon, and two tiny liqueur glass of gin with marinated berries in it (can't remember the name). Over several hours, that wasn't going to do much damage and it didn't.

    There was also mushroom soup and lovely creamy cheese...

  3. Add to that the other whiskey, -as well as the bourbon, and its called Sloe Gin btw.

    Is the most "merry" i've ever seen u.

    Keep it up :0)


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