Thursday, 15 November 2007

That Amused Me

Salut Zefrog,

I came across your blog and wondered if you'd be interested in a
website I've set up called I'm collecting menus for
local takeaway restaurants and posting them on the site so that local
people can easily find different sorts of takeaways.

If you have a moment to take a look, and if the thought of takeaway
food is not anathema to your French sensibilities, I'd really
appreciate any comments you have. (The website's just a beta version,
but hopefully it gives you a rough idea.)

Also, in case you're trying to promote your blog, feel free to list it
on It's (another) site I've set up which I hope will
help people get more involved in their local communities. There are a
few South London blogs there already, but I'm pretty sure yours would
be the first gay(?) French one ;-)

All the best.



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