Friday, 16 November 2007


Imagine your are the managing team of a big company and that you find yourself will a little spare dosh. You look around for what you can do with it and suddenly realise that, Richard Branson, the owner of your company is keen to get rid of it because, like its competitors, it is in trouble and is losing money.

So you decide to buy Virgin Megastore.

And because you have been working there for a while and you obviously know what a bad brand it is, that people don't like and don't recognise very well, you decide to rebrand the chain of shops with a new snazzy name that you are sure will work wonderfully: Zavvi...

I am speechless!


  1. That is a bit pants, really, isn't it? Oh dear. And a bit pointless. Oh dear...

  2. I hope you are talking about the rebranding, not my post...


  3. Maybe it was a term of the buy-out that the name be changed.

  4. Quite possibly but Zavvi is still a shite name...

  5. It is an awful name and particularly memorable, 'i'm just nipping down Zavvi to get a DVD' just doesn't work!


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