Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Gay Icons - A review

The National Portrait Gallery has gone a bit queer this summer. Beyond the perennial portraits of gay, lesbian, bi or trans (LGBT) people that the initiated can spot around the gallery, there is a selection of colourful portraits of George Melly by his friend Maggi Hambling on offer. The pièce de résistance however is only a few butch strides down the corridor.

The soft-lit, aubergine confines of the Gay Icons exhibition huddle together a selection by 10 prominent LGB figures of 60 photographic portraits they personally deem significant...

Read my full review of the exhibition on Londonist here.

Images - left to right: Joe Dallesandro by Paul Morrissey 1968, k.d.lang by Jill Furmanovsky 1992 & Joe Orton by Lewis Morley 1965 all courtesy of the National Portrait Gallery


  1. Ahoj Zefrog

    Were you at the Stonewall bash there last night? Didn't see you....


  2. Nope I wasn't. Stonewall don't know about me. Anyway, I am house bound at the moment (some virus or other). Hope you had fun.


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