Saturday, 4 July 2009

Like a Sore Thumb

last week I was waiting for someone at a corner on Old Compton Street when I was approached by a young man and took my picture.

Before your overworked imaginations start going on overdrive, I must add that he was a "journalist" working for Boyz magazine (one of the free scene rags in London).

He explained that the National Portrait Gallery was about to have a new exhibition (now open) called Gay Icons, gathering 60 pictures showing what 10 prominent member of the LGBT community view as their icons.

Boys was doing a voxpop to see who people would nominate. It seems that the editor of Boyz felt that the icons featured in the exhibition were not quite current enough.

And so I was asked to nominate my own gay icon and to say why. Well, Boyz, the results are in and as usual I stick out like a sort thumb. A look at the scan of the incriminating page of Boyz No 931, below, should be ample proof.

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