Friday, 31 July 2009

Open Letter to Rev James Tallach

Since Reverend Tallach of the Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland, on the Isle of Lewis, can not be reached by email (the two addresses for him, I could find online bounced), I will post this email on my blog, hoping that God will guide the Reverend to it (see this article on PinkNews for details of Rev. Tallach's comments).

Dear Reverend Tallach,

I was very interested to read in the press about your pronouncement that a recent tornado over the Isle of Lewis was the result of God's Righteous Wrath for allowing civil partnerships. It is indeed quite wonderful to be able to find God's work in nature everywhere.

I couldn't help thinking myself recently that the forest fires and earth tremours that plagued California at the end of last year and the beginning of this, and so reminiscent of the Biblical fire and brimstone, were indeed God's way of telling the inhabitants of the golden state that they should not have voted for Proposition 8 which made gay marriages illegal. After all, God is love, Jesus has told us to love our neighbour as we love ourselves and neither of them can be very pleased when one part of the population gangs up on another one simply to try and re-ascertain its ebbing power and influence.

I trust that God will guide your thoughts towards matters more worthy of your energy and abilities such as perhaps charitable work in aid of those who are in need.



The short email exchanged that eventually followed this can be viewed in this post.


  1. He won't read it. He's worried he'll get a bit of AIDS in his eye.

  2. Lol @ Tim's comment.

    How does the Reverend explain God's selectivity? Lewis has had one Civil Partnership ceremony since they were introduced - how many hundreds more have occurred in London or Brighton, for example? - with zero sightings of tornados so far? What an idiot. No wonder his email doesn't work.

  3. really love your well thought out blog, now I am following it I will actually visit again in future for the updates :)

    I have issues with religion but even more issues with them blaming anything on anyone, just like religious leaders saying that "god told them to do that"!

    In both cases like being influenced by god and disasters happening by god and blaming people for that, it takes the actual decisions and blame out of the hands of religious fanatics.

    You cant murder someone and I say "god told me to do it!" as a defence.

    Saying that a disaster or horrid event is the fault of people not holy enough or "sinners" is just the same superstition as chain letters etc. I dont know how he is not done for inciting hatred!

    D xx


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