Monday, 9 August 2010

In these shoes?

In these shoes?

Another proof that I am probably a closet extrovert or just a weirdo?

Itunes had thrown up Kirsty MacColl's song In These Shoes and, being a bit bored, I started dancing along.

Soon I was digging out the shoes I had bought over six months previously for my first attempt at drag on the occasion of a friend's birthday cum leaving party. The rest is not history but the picture before your eyes.

As seems to be the case of most of my impromptu self-portraits, it has turned into an exploration of appearance and, in this case, gender representation.


  1. So that's how one gets calf muscles like those?!

  2. No, it's the cycle hire... ;)

  3. very Dr Who - bow tie and braces.




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