Monday, 10 April 2006

Conflicting views

I had two interesting emails in my inbox this morning, showing the diverging tensions within the Christian movement in the US.

First an email sent to the Boston Gay Men's Chorus membership (and forwarded to us by one of our members (of the London Gay Men's Chorus) whose boyfriend sings with them) warning of a possible demonstration by local right wingers during one of their concerts at a local school (which took place yesterday) in support of PFLAG. The email included this link to the Christian activists' site and a revealing letter from one of those people to the Headmaster of the school in question.

And let's remember that this is Massachusetts, one of the more progressive States.

The other email I received went as follows:

My name is Jim Johnson and I write a blog titled “Straight, Not Narrow.” It promotes GLBT equality in Christianity and politics and addresses the agendas of those narrow minded people who are determined to prevent it. I am a member of Equality Maryland, a gay rights activist organization, and PFLAG DC.
I attend a GLBT-affirming church and I want to share what I am learning about God’s love and acceptance of us ALL with this blog. I hope to help the GLBT community by demonstrating that they have straight advocates within the church, and I also hope to reach straight people who are not as accepting and give them something to think and pray about.
I would appreciate it if you would post a link to my blog on your site. Of course, I would be happy to reciprocate.
Thanks for your consideration,
Jim Johnson

Go and say hello to Jim.

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