Wednesday, 5 April 2006

First Fifteen

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The London Gay Men's Chorus are celebrating their fifteenth anniversary this year. fifteen years of entertaining and educating the crowds through music. From humble beginnings in Angel Station (which had to be closed due to the number of people who stopped by to listen), we have gone from strength to strength to turn into a major player on the London gay and arts scene. With about 200 members, we are Europe's biggest a gay choir and one of the best all male choirs in the UK.

Within the first six months of my joining the Chorus (in 2002), I had performed at the Queen Elizabeth Hall (twice), the Royal Albert Hall, the Aussie Stadium and the Sydney Opera House to name but the most prestigious and I had recorded my first CD...

And all this with an open access policy, which means that anybody can join regardless of their musical abilities.

Oh! and did I mention we are fun to watch too? Far from being your usual "en-penguined" choir, we sing everything from classical to pop, through folk and jazz and even have dreaded (for us to learn anyway) choralographies!

To celebrate all this, we are having a little sing-song at the Cadogan Hall on the 29th of April. I hope to see you there. Come and say hello at the bar afterwards too.

WE are also taking the show to St David's Hall in Cardiff on 15th July and to Turin on 12th September as part of their prestigious festival.

For details and to book online, click on the picture above or visit our website at

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  1. And I didn't get a thanks note for helping out with the design!


  2. It is not always about you, biatch!

  3. AND you have pinched my photo of you advertising a big evil coffee co !


  4. Good stuff, got any idea what song's you guys will be performing? Exerp from Cardohan Hall website: 'has been wooing the crowds around the world for the past fifteen years. With their mixture of fun and emotion (not to mention the occasional controversy)'. Controversy? Who fell in love/out of love with who?

  5. I do know what songs we will be sing but wouldn't want to spoil the surprise effect... :OD

    I can divulge that Seasons of Love will be there though...


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