Sunday, 2 April 2006

Tubes Night Out

I was walking home from the West End tonight after a long afternoon all filled up with Chorus stuff (a extra rehearsal with some of the tenor 1 section followed by a meal and a stop at the Yard) when getting ready to cross the Cut just outside the Old Vic, I notice that Baylis Road was closed to traffic and blocked with a number of lorries and a massive crane. I walked slowly one when I spotted on the other side of the little bit of greenery at the corner of Baylis Road and Waterloo Road what looked like a tube carriage. I got closer and realised that I wasn't mistaken. There were two other carriages already at the back of lorries parked along and ready to go. These are carriages from the Waterloo and City line which is being closed for a while for engineering works.

As I had realised earlier, the batteries of my camera had decided to die to tonight. I took of couple of bad pictures with my camera phone and rushed home in the hope of finding spare batteries before going back.
The results (rather crappy) are below.

And someone even saw those carriages fly....

Now where did I put that anorak?!

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  1. I thought only the English wore anoraks? You've obviously lived here too long!

    That first picture is bizarre to say the least.

  2. Gosh, you guys really sing well, last Xmas I was at Debenhams and your group was all decked in matching tees, and singing in unison. Since then, I've just fallen in love with Seasons of Love. Am sure you must have seen me - the guy with his mouth open :-)

  3. Actually, it was at Selfridges, not Debenhams... Come and see us on the 29 April (see next post)...

    Your jaw will drop this time, I am sure...


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