Monday, 10 April 2006

The Week-End

Started as planned on Friday with Slightly's Birthday dinner with a few old friends. As planned too, he received the book I found on the bus on Thursday; wrapped in the first page of Creative Week.

I have a feeling a was a bit more impressed by his other present though. I had jokingly included small folding maps of London to the packages and he seemed to like those to.

The dinner went well and Slightly did indeed seem to forget his birthday blues.

I had an all day rehearsal for the upcoming show on Saturday...

On Sunday, after the Weekly-Cultural-Outing-to-Tesco and scrumbing the bathroom (I live such a glamourous life!), I met up with Slightly again for an introduction to his brother TE. Things seem to be getting serious between us if he is starting to introduce me to his family! Although the two brothers don't exactly look alike, they are very clearly made from the same clay.

Between running the shops of the a military jacket and going to see a film, we did not have to much time to talk but the brother seemed a nice enough chap. The film we went to was Memoirs of a Geisha. It was much better than the trailer seemed to promise and, as far as I could remember, fairly accurate an adaptation of the book. It was also beautifully shot but not quite as enjoyable as the director's first effort for the big screen. I think the problem was that there was no time for exposition at the beginning of the film which would have allowed us to warm to the characters. It all looked very glossy but I could not really relate.

After the film, I left Slightly and TE. They went to Wong Key for dinner while I rushed to ciname next door for a second service of filmic delights. This time it was a French comedy I had wanted to see for while: Cockles and Muscles. I wasn't disappointed. This is a light and fluffy summer holiday flick which makes you laugh throughout and puts a smile on your face as you leave the cinema.

Before the film we were also treated to the screening of lovely short film by Hong Khaou. A coming out story between two teenaged friends filmed on Hampstead Heath called Summer; members of the cast (including the rather lovely Peter Peralta were there for a quick Q&A. The short will be shown with Cockles and Muscles throughout its run at the Curzon Soho cinema.

This morning, the new week (9 days to go before the end of my stint where I work now!!!) started with a bit of a shock. As I was having breakfast, one hear on the today programme, I suddenly recognise the voice of one of my new partner, with whom I had dinner on Firday at Slightly's do...

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  1. why so mysterious? why can i not see your face? and what is a androphile..


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