Wednesday, 31 January 2007

Sexy Harry Potter

No, this is not a post about the gay metatext in the Harry Potter books.

A friend of mine (my scottish ex) wants us to meet from time to time to go the theatre basically because his current partner is not that fussed about the idea. With this in mind, he repeatedly mentioned his desire to go and see a new play at the Guilgud Theatre called Equus which is opening on February the 27th.

I have just discovered why he is so keen...

I saw this pic on the front page of the Daily Mail this morning while shopping at Tesco and so I had to investigate. I have just found out what is going on:

Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe, now 17, appears bare-chested with a white stallion and with co-star Joanna Christie in photos promoting Equus. He was 11 when he made his first Harry Potter movie, appears completely naked in the play, written by Anthony Shaffer. Radcliffe plays a stable boy in the care of a psychiatrist for his obsession with harming horses.

Producer David Pugh told the British press that Radcliffe had no hesitation in shedding his clothes. “We had never seen him with his clothes off before. We all went ‘Wow!’”

But not everyone is thrilled with Radcliffe’s racy role. According to the Daily Mail, some parents have threatened to keep their children away from the star’s next movie, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Harry Potter bares all,

Finally a good reason to finally go and see the films (I still won't bother with the books, though).

Radcliffe will also simulate a sex act while naked and astride a horse during the show. Every night 60 members of the audience seated on stage will have a chance to see his... err... talent, close up.

Update: It looks like I have just been very reluctantly talked into going to see the play... Watch this space for a review, if I am not feeling too lazy when the time comes

More pics here.

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