Friday, 24 April 2009

Debunking Joseph Nicolosi

The following links were send to me by someone who had heard about the protest. David believes that they thoroughly debunk Joseph Nicolosi's theories on "aversion therapy":

Nicolosi gets challenged and leaves in a huff:

Young gay man tells of his experience of Joseph Nicolosi's "Reparative Therapy":

Young gay man tells of being sent for "Reparative Therapy":

Nicolosi sitting in his office, explains the aims of his business:

Protest against Nicolosi in Dallas (with some good protest chants!):

Nicolosi's famous "repaired" patient caught picking- up in a gay bar:

"Ex-gay" professionals reject Nicolosi's therapy:

The kind of films approved by "Reparative Therapy" :

Peter Toscano shows analogy between "Joseph/Technicolour/Dreamcoat" and suffering under Nicolosi's "Reparative Therapy":

Read the stories of people who have suffered under Nicolosi's "reparation therapy":

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