Friday, 24 April 2009

'Gay Cure' Conference - Programme and Other Documents

Thanks to an ingenious young lady, I have managed to get my hands on a copy of the the programme for the Sex and the City, Redeeming Sex Today conference, organised by Anglican Mainstream, and with American 'psychiatrists' Joseph Nicolosi and Jeffrey Satinover. I have also got a copy of the letter sent to the delegates confirming details of the event (see below) and thanks to another source, a copy of the promotional material for the conference (click on the image on the top right corner for a better view).

The programme is a delightful little piece which informs us, had we bothered to pay our £50, that would could have been treated to such pieces of anthology as:
- The Sexualisation of Culture by Lisa Nolland
- Myths we live by: The gay gene, once-gay-always-gay, gay sex is just like straight sex by Jeffrey Satinover
- Sexuality, marriage and the family by Arthur Goldberg
- The psychological, cultural & political agenda of LGBT activism: Past, present & future by Jeffrey Satinover
- The Scriptures and sex by Gordon Wenham
- Mentoring the sexually broken by Arthur Goldberg
- Dealing with pornography by Jeffrey Satinover

As I write this, the Emmanuel Center, the venue for the conference, is hosting a Social Time, Guest Panel & Question Box (people are asked to leave questions in a box for the panel) which is 'followed by Special Interest Groups' ("It is hoped that Special Interest Groups will include those affected by SSA [Same-Sex Attraction], spouses, parents, family members and friends, counsellors, therapists, coaches, etc, those focussed on the political agenda plus any others deemed appropriate).

The talks above are all happening in one hall while in another hall you can get 7 sessions of Nicolosi, which I am assuming are group 'aversion therapy' sessions.

Repeat and rinse on Saturday (apart from the social and special interests elements).

Click on the images below to see the documents in full size. First the programme, then the letter to the delegates.

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  1. Well done for this excellent post which I have found through a web search.

    I have started a petition because CARE, the charity whuch co-sponsored this event, has been providing material support to UK members of parliament ever since.

    I hope you will consider signing my petition and spreading the word to others who may do so.

  2. Hello, thank you for your most informative post. I have contacted one of my local MPs who is allegedly involved in the same issue referred to by Phillip.


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