Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Liam Messam and Tamati Ellison Swap Jerseys

I am having a bit of a vacuous evening looking at images of pretty rugby players. Addidas, with its latest viral campaign, Jersey Swap, seems to be squarely aiming at the gay market with a selection of five antipodean rugby players, visitor to the website can select and see take their tops off and... well... swap jersey (those interested can create posters too).

My favorites of the bunch are Liam Messam and Tamati Ellison. The pictures of their pretty faces and bulging naked torsos (excuse me while I sit down for a second!) included to this post should tell you why.

A job well done for Addidas. This will go round the Internet for a while, I think.


  1. Hurricccaneeesss ! maybe should see Rene Ranger from the Auckland blues swop jerseys with soon to be Canterbury Crusaders 'Sonny Bill Williams'.... hott hott


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