Monday, 20 April 2009

"It is justice, not a storm, that is gathering"

A heartening Op Ed in the New York about the "gathering Storm" video, which explains how same-sex marriage is not really an issue any more in the US and how, in the word of Jon Huntsman Jr., the governor of Utah and a Mormon, who in February endorsed civil unions for gay couples, opinion has “shifted quite substantially”.
On the right, the restrained response was striking. Fox barely mentioned the subject; its rising-star demagogue, Glenn Beck, while still dismissing same-sex marriage, went so far as to “celebrate what happened in Vermont” because “instead of the courts making a decision, the people did.” Dr. Laura Schlessinger, the self-help media star once notorious for portraying homosexuality as “a biological error” and a gateway to pedophilia, told CNN’s Larry King that she now views committed gay relationships as “a beautiful thing and a healthy thing.” In The New York Post, the invariably witty and invariably conservative writer Kyle Smith demolished a Maggie Gallagher screed published in National Review and wondered whether her errant arguments against gay equality were “something else in disguise.”
Read the full article here.
(the parody refered to at the beginning of the article can be found here)

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