Wednesday, 27 April 2005

Committees committments

What a busy week! Four of my evenings this weeks are taken up by the Chorus. On Sunday evening, was a production meeting for the next show. On monday, we had rehearsal as usual and last night was the first meeting of the Steering Committee. It was quite interesting and I have to say I was quite favorably impressed by the new chair; both his ideas and the effecient way in which he seems to be conducting things. Let's hope this will be a lasting impression.

On Thursday, is the first meeting of my very own committee and people are already dropping like flies! I have already received 5 apologies (out of the 18 people on the mailing list!). Let's hope this is not a comment on my election but rather on the fact that everything was decided at the last minute. I can't really wait to get going. This is promising to be very interesting work, especially if we manage to avoid the sort of drama I have witnessed recently.

Tonight I have the night off and will try and make it to the gym before preparing more for tomorrow's meeting.

On Sunday, I am off to France. While I am not particularly looking forward to it (I am going back to attend my god daughter's communion), I want to try and make it worthwhile and I have already a longish list of things I need/want to do. Hopefully it will be nice...

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