Tuesday, 19 April 2005

The Fever Has Dropped Already

Looks like I am now responsible for the image of the London Gay Men's Chorus. I did get elected last night and although it was not the landslide that other candidates enjoyed, the margin was comfortable enough. That was the easy bit though, it seems.

This morning (the one after the night before), I already got sent back to my basket by members of the Committee who basically told me that they were the professionals and I knew nothing so I'd better shut up. This is technically true but I certainly feel that I was making a valid point (I had the support in this of another professional not involved with the Committee) and they did not raise any argument that convinced me of the contrary. I guess this will be my major problem in this position: my lack of legitimacy in holding it. People seem very timorous in the way they approach the Committee activities or is it just me being too earger and therefore not considering things enough?

But hey! I asked for all this, didn't I? :O)

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