Friday, 1 April 2005

Gay or Not?

There are times when I wonder whether I am really gay or not. Well to be honest I know I am not, not really. I AM a big poof who fancies men, not doubts about that but as for being "gay"! I have been asked to give my Pink card back so many times now, that I know I can not be.

Yesterday evening, I met up with My Friend. We went to Gay's The Word for the launch of a new book: Lust Unearthed - Vintage Gay Graphics from the DuBek Collection, by Thomas Waugh. The author was there with a collection of slides. It was fairly interesting to hear him talk about the little that was known about this worldwide (as in occidental) underground black market of reproduction porn drawings which seems to have flourished from the 1930's to the late 1960's. The drawing themselves, some of them not too bad some of them truely awful, were all quite reminiscent of Tom of Finland (although not inspired by him) and are all your filthy minds imagine they can be. They did not do much for me to be honest. I like pictures better. I am too literal for drawings in those matters it seems!

Anyroads as they say "op norf". After the event we quickly absconded to, you might have guessed: good old Wong Key. On the way there, probably because he is more of a poof than me, My Friend started talking about Prince Charles' latest tiff with the press. From there we moved to The Wedding and how, according to My Friend, it will create problems in Australia and other countries where she would become queen. He mentioned India as one such country. This seemed odd to me and I told him so as I was pretty certain the India is an independant country and had therefore nothing to do the British Royals any more (India IS a republic)). We discussed this for a while before arriving at Wong Key.

We were sent "upstairs" to the second floor and, as is usual, had to share our table with other customers. Last night we got what obviously a couple of guys. One, about our age, with one of those funny haircuts which made him look like he had been attacked by clippers on a rampage rather than having stepped into a salon. The other was much holder and I believe French, though I am not quite sure. We ordered our usuals and started talking about this and that.

After while it became apparent that, like us earlier, our neighbours were talking about the wedding. However, unlike us, they did not digress into constitutional law. Like good gay "boys" that they were they stared discussing what Camilla was going to wear for The Wedding. I am sad to say I can not report here what their, I am sure, highly qualified opinion on the subject was. My non-gay genes must have taken over at the point and I stopped listening.

So what do you think she'll be wearing then?


  1. maybe a nice tuxedo?

    --Enviroboi, stopping by from Hot Toddy's Toaster Oven

  2. I think most people are thinking along the line of a harness...

    Thanks for stopping by :O)

  3. Sent by email by Ravi
    "India has been independent since 1947 and a republic since 1950 (i think). The two terms aren't synonymous, as you piece suggests!

    your pedantic reader"

    Did anyone guess he is a lawyer?


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