Monday, 4 April 2005

Fated Wedding?

Due to the Pope's demise, with everything being cancelled from theatre and cinema performances in Poland to sports events in Italy and Parliament dissolutions in the UK, and now that the funeral date has been set for Friday, should The Wedding be postponed? Perhaps the Pope's death is an act of God to prevent this alliance from happening?!

More on the Pope soon.... (that is the plan at the moment anyway)

Update - 2.45pm
Looks like God's plan is starting to work....

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  1. I think there is now officially some sort of global conspiracy to keep the ring from poor Camilla. First the Pope. Now, Prince Rainier. Who will be the next royal to sacrifice his (her?) life to prevent Camilla's happiness? Who? Who? I certainly hope it's not Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands.



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