Thursday, 4 August 2005

Brief Encounters 2

Is it the warm weather? Celebs are out and about in Soho at the moment (bit like me really!). Last night it was dishy Jeremy Sheffield's turn to be spotted by my eagle eyes, reading a film script at a terrace. Not the first time I see him in Soho either (but then again, that is no real surprise....). God, this blog is turning into an online version of Hello...

Later on, on the way home, I met up with my former manager... And thankfully, guys' eyes are still meeting mine more often then usual...


  1. "reading a film script at a terrace."

    Is a bit of an assumption, he might have simply been reading his mail, wondering why his phone bill was so high or filling in job applications?

    Just because he is famous does not mean he is always interesting, if at all :0)

  2. Except that I saw it was a film script... and the fact that he was reading it doesn't make him interesting...

    So ner!!! ;O)

    I first spotted him years ago in the clip for Natalie Furtado's Torn. Didn't have a clue who he was at the time: just a nice piece of manhood. It is only when I came to this country that I learned who he was by seeing him in trailers for Holby City. I then saw him once crossing Seven Dials and was later told that he had been spotted at Woof

    As for his intellect, I can't say really, having never spoken to him.

  3. phew, fortuntely I read on having fallen off my seat when I read zefrog turned up at the set 6.30am (I couldn't post a comment to that blog), *thinking* that zefrog had fallen on hard times and had an offer he couldn't refuse from Liquid London, or Triga or the like...

    I had a bit of a celeb spot last friday night on my way to Soho. I passed Sir Trevor Nunn on his mobile outside the Royal Opera House, than 10 mins later standing behind me (no doubt trying to peek at my PIN) at the ATM opposite the Palace Theatre was Jo McGann (one of the brothers-the older one who appeared with Honor Blackman, who I also had the great fortune to be introduced to many years ago, in The Upper Hand, the British version of the US sitcom Who's the Boss).


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