Tuesday, 2 August 2005

Brief Encounters

I am just back from an evening in Soho with MFD (whom I will be calling Slightly from now one). It was a strange day with a series of unexpected encounters.

First of all several guys meet my eyes (if nothing else). It is usually quite an event when even one to notice me. Immediately after meeting Slightly in Charing Cross, we bumped into RS (a Chrous member of whom I have talked recently). We all decided to go to Bar Aquda where I had the lovely surprise of finding DB working behind the bar. DB, a cute, very nice west indian young man, is one of my exes and is not very good at keeping in touch. I am very fond of him. I hope we manage to keep in contact better in the future.

Finally, Slightly and I saw Keanu Reeves (with two beards: one on his face and one on his arm). We first noticed him in one of the Original Soho Bookshops in Brewer Street before he moved to the next, looking for some book or other.

1 comment:

  1. Is Keanu Reeves gay???

    After seeing him in person I hope not, he's not exactly sexy in the flesh.

    Slightly, Formley MFD -which I never liked anyway. :0)


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