Thursday, 4 August 2005

Part Two - Plans of Man

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Here is the text of the email that was sent out asking for extras for the film shoot I went to earlier this week.
We are looking for people to come along and help on our film, we have several scenes over two days where we need background. We are filming at the Warwick Bar (45 essex rd, N1 - Angel tube) over two days, 1st and 2nd August from 8.30am - 4pm. We desperately need people for the morning sessions as we are shooting a gay club scene on Monday and a Media Party scene on the Tuesday. We have make up and stylists who have assisted on films such as Moulin Rouge and Star Wars. It is going to look great!

If anyone can help us we would be hugely appreciative. We are a group of young professionals and we have put all our own resources into this project. We can promise a fun day, and a drink!! With out the backing of huge budget we are pulling all our resources, we are not going to wait to make this film, it could never happen.... We want this film to be the best it can be. Here is our pitch!

Human flower
films - are a group of skilled professionals who work within the film and TV industry (BBC), pulling resources to take British film in an exciting new direction. We are working with a tiny budget and need all the help we can get. We have everything in place for shooting mid July onwards.

‘The Plans of Man’ is a reinterpretation of the story of Adam and Eve set in the paradise of modern day London. PR guy Adam’s perfectly planned life goes to hell when his fiancé leaves him for a big job in New York City. When he meets Evie, personal assistant to Hollywood’s biggest star, Adam has to decide whether Paradise on earth lies in London, the Big Apple or his own heart. Adams best friend Dan is gay and wants to tell his mother, but due to her renaissance with a young greek student she is hardly ready to listen!

We understand that product placement is only of use to you in high profile projects, we are hoping to kick off great careers by producing and distributing good work. BBC films have agreed to see the final film with regards to distribution.

Plans of Man is a groundbreaking British film with an international cast and crew. Shooting in London and New York, Plans of Man is the first of a slew of Micro Budget feature films by Out of Vision intended for distribution through the British Film Council’s Digital Screen Network. DVD distribution is intended after a theatrical release with extensive internet marketing and an innovative seminar program in addition to conventional promotion.

Plans of Man will be shot on multi-camera HDV for digital projection – the first film of it’s kind in the UK and possibly the World. There are other innovations being introduced via this film of interest to the film-making community, such as Cold Cathode technology used in our lighting systems and an all-digital audio path to compliment the HD digital video recording.

An original sound track has been commissioned from recording artists around the world. Music from the film will be available as a separate album to accompany the movie.

We have skill, passion and enthusiasm for this wonderful project but we would appreciate your help.

We already have support from Paul Smith, Diesel, Agnes B, Top Shop and Virgin.

We have been working on developing this project for a year and the budget is £200,000.
of that is peoples free time that we have included in the budget for when this makes profit.

We are all so proud of the dedication we have attracted.

We would like your help.

If you need any other information please don't hesitate to contact me.

Dean Loxton
Assistant Producer

To be continued...

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