Friday, 26 August 2005

Thank You Ahoj

I had a meeting for a project I am working on with Slightly Lost so I only got home around 8.45pm. As I was closing the front door, I notice a thin parcel waiting for me on the mail rack. From Amazon. I first thought it was one of the CDs or DVDs I have ordered recently but then I misread the inscriptions on the packaging and started to think the parcel was from France and therefore from my parents or my godmother who, although she is over 70, recently got herself a computer. It seemed rather impressive that she had already found her way to online shopping. As I started to open the package, I was wondering what sort of moralising crap... sorry... book she had found to send me.

Still in the frame of mind that this was a present coming from France, I was not surprised to find that the content of the parcel had been wrapped and came with a short note saying:
[Zefrog] SALUT. BONNE ANNIVERSAIRE, (en retard). Ahoj
Which means: [Zefrog] HI. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, (late). Ahoj. Those of you who read this blog from time to time might know that my birthday was on 25th July so no real surprise here. What proved more intriguing however was the signature. To my shame, I am not always very good with names but I am pretty sure that I do not know anyone name Ahoj and certainly not well enough for them to send me a present. I was rather perplexed as I started to unwrap what turned out to be a copy of The Singing Apes and Other Songs of Love and War by Orphei Drängar. This is the original and only other recording of a piece of contemprorary music I performed and recorded with the Chorus last summer. It was composed by Jan Sandstrom. The full title of the piece is The Singing Apes of Khoa Yai, the inspiration for which comes from a tv programme on the gibbons of the Thai jungle.

This helps solve some of the mystery. The CD is (was) part of my Amazon Wish List. I therefore concluded that someone, who presumably reads this blog or has knowledge of my website, has find his way to the list and ordered the CD. This much is clear (the CD is not on the Wish List any longer). What remains a mystery is the identity of my well wisher.

Whoever you are Ahoj: thank you very much for this very nice surprised.

And to the rest of you out there: you know where to find my Wish List... ;O)

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