Saturday, 1 October 2005

Star Gazing

Although the sky was overcast, the “stars” were out en force tonight to illuminate my solitary path with their radiance. In addition to seeing Bremner, Bird and Fortune live (Rori Bremner (who is, by the way, rather camp for a straight man!) was the only interesting one of the three. The other two did not bother to interact with the audience and just walked on and off the set as required), I saw one of the Westlife people (Nicky Byrne, I think it was) chatting with some of his entourage outside the Hammersmith Apollo on my way to the recording.

On my way home, I saw the car of a Royal. I am not sure which but it must have been a very Royal Royal (so to speak) as their car was followed by one security people carrier and possibly two (that wasn't clear). My guess, only supported by a glimpse of a tuxedo sleeve, is that it was Prince Charles whom I had already seen with Camilla Parker Bowles not a long time ago on Cranbourn Street, WC2. I am pretty sure I also saw Michael Winner, being chauffeured by in his old grey Bentley. Strangely enough I also recently saw Mr Winner on Cranbourn Street in the same car which he was driving himself on that occasion…

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  1. A sighting of Prince William would have REALLY been nice.


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