Tuesday, 25 October 2005

Tatchell on Cruising

I have just posted a longish comment in response to this post over at Slightly Lost in the World. I thought I would share it with you:

Having now read Tatchell's article, I can say that I find it like you quite irrelevant to the situation and possibly symptomatic of Tatchell outdated view on this. I think we have (thankfully) moved on from the time when we needed to justify ourselves. Tatchell writing this article seems to me only proof that he has not evolved on his view of the issue as fast as the issue itself.

A positive point which needs to be noted about the Clapham Murder case is that it has, I think, got more coverage than I can remember previous similar cases having. And for once the media were not shy to characterise the case as a homophobic attack which is a point of "detail" which usually gets swept under the carpet. While there might have been examples of bad or hasty coverage, I thing a shift in the positive direction has happened in journalistic minds.

This is something which can probably be related to what this post is talking about.

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