Tuesday, 11 October 2005

Striking a Balance

Things have been looking up slightly in past few days on the social side despite Slightly, my only real social interaction, being rather elusive for the past couple of weeks. I have joined a couple of new (to me anyway) gay personals websites. One of them is probably the best I have seen so far (and I have seen a few!). People are really quite friendly and actually contact each other. I have met a couple of interesting people whom I hope will become friends in time. My slight worry being that there might be a misunderstanding in that respect.

Some weeks ago, I was contacted by someone who I did not fancy but we got chatting anyway. Some tenuous bond started to develop and soon we transfered to MSN messenger for more convenience. About a week ago, things all came to a head. I was in a miserable mood as happens quite often these days and I reacted strongly to a comment this guy made (probably as a joke), telling him that I did not fancy him. He seemed surprised at that and said he had to think about this new turn of events. We are still talking now but there is a bit more distance in our exchanges than there seemed to be. I was rather surprised at his reaction myself as I don't think I have behaved in any way or said anything which could lead him to think I was interested in him more than for friendship. So now, because I met these other people on the same sort of site and because they have made a few flattering comments about my personal appearance, I am concerned that I might be misleading them too and that eventually this will ruin what is happening between us.

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