Saturday, 19 May 2007

Complaint to the BBC

I just sent the following to the BBC's Radio Newsroom:

About 30 min ago, I listened to a a short report on the news at 10pm on Radio4 about the demonstrations which took place today against the current spate of homophobia in Poland. While I congratulate the BBC for reporting on this, I am a little concern that the present report rather failed to paint a complete picture of the situation which may lead to concern in respect of the BBC's impartiality in this.

The report duely mentioned that the Polish President and his Prime Minister have spoken publicly against homosexuality. What the report failed to mention, thus giving the impression that this was possibly all part of the democratic debate in the country, is that the whole government is actively working against the LGBT community of the country, particularly targetting teachers.

This has resulted into the production of a bill which has been repeatedly compared in this country to the now defunct section 28. There was no mention of this in the report, nor of the fact that the European Union is actually currently investigating the legitimity of the proposed law and its compatibility with the European regulations the Polished government agreed to follow when it joined the Union.

I trust that a way will be found to provide some sort of correction to this unhappy oversight.

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  1. Good on you for doing that. Hope it hit the target.


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