Monday, 14 May 2007

Loosing Grip

It seems that this week-end, I reached another low in the numb disconnectiveness that characterises my ever more idiosyncratic life these days. For the past couple of weeks, I have given up connected to all the (more or less) social website, I usually have on in the background all day long.

On Friday, on my way home from a business meeting with Slightly I stopped at a shop on my way to home and bought all sorts of sugary junk food which I devoured within 24 hours. Having been the witness of bulimia in the past, I think, I can recognise a very mild attack of it in this.

I was supposed to attend a meeting on Saturday. While I was aware of the date of this meeting, I failed to connect this date to the day itself and I had to be reminded of the meeting by someone else attending it. I arrived there late.

Finally, a few minutes ago, I realised that I forgot to attend the monthly meeting of my reading group. I had received a reminder on Monday and actually really enjoyed the book and was therefore looking forward to the meeting. Although I spent the whole day at home doing nothing, the meeting simply slipped off my mind.

This is all rather worrying and frightening to the control freak that I normally am.


  1. Are you OK? Virtual hug.

    I'm not sure which is worse, eating sugary things to the point of cataleptic shock, or admitting to enjoying "50 Ways To Say Goodbye" ;-))

    J x

  2. lol

    yes, am fine, thanks. always am, in the end.

    Although I bought some more junk today while doing my normal food shopping... going through it now. It's more to do with gluttony this time though I think.


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