Friday, 18 May 2007


Today marks the third edition of the International Day Against Homophobia.

Personally I attended a demonstration outside the Embassy of Poland (47 Portland Place, London W1B 1JH) between midday and 2pm, to "express growing concern about the plight of the LGBT community in Poland". 1 2

The government there is quite openly homophobic and is currently trying to push a section 28 like law against LGBT teachers, also trying to ban them from teaching.

There was a fairly good turn out compared to other similar events I have attended. Around 40 people were there, mostly young people from the British Youth Council who were coordinating the event. In attendance also, were Tony Fenwick and Sue Sanders (both from Schools Out and LGBT History Month), Derek Lennard, IDAHO-UK Organiser, Peter Tatchell and Baroness Sarah Ludford, London's Liberal Democrat MEP. Several photographers and even journalists attended too (including a camera).

There were speeches and a minute of silence. People were invited to write to their MP. No reaction came from the Embassy but the curtains on the first floor were regularly twitching showing digruntled faces.

Pictures are available here.

* BYC unites with human rights campaigners to mark IDAHO,
* Youth demo against homophobia at Polish embassy, Pink News

Later in the day (6pm), I had planned to be at the Globe Theatre for a short memorial ceremony to remember victims of homophobic (and trans-phobic) crime here in Southwark and to acknowledge that LGBT hate crime is still happening.

Guests were welcome to bring a flower or small bouquet of (bio degradable) flowers to float away on the tide. This was organised by the Southwark LGBT Police liaison officer and the Southwark LGBT Network.

Unfortunately, a meeting I was attending run a little longer than I was expecting and but the time I was free to go, I would not have had time to get to the Globe in time.

Busy day though.

Yesterday, the British Government committed itself to fight the criminalisation of homosexuality worldwide.

This is the updated version of a posted originally published on 17 May 2007 at 10:12am.

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  1. funny that. I read about this day in the local Reunion paper. They featured a local gay website. When I linked there the site was under construction. So typical! Probably their biggest hit potential. Anyway ahoj from La Reunion Sitting by the beach, sipping wine, in the sun, swimming and blogging. C'est super!


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