Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Disaster Strikes

No Photography
I took this picture with my phone in the foyer of the Usher Hall in Edinburgh while waiting during the technicall rehearsal. Little did I know how prophetic this would become.

I am now back in London. The shows and the sight-seeing went rather well. I did a lot of walking and I took loads of pictures (about 300). You can see a selection of those here.

Unfortunately, I can only offer 12 (not very good because of the weather) pictures (I might a few I took with my cameraphone soon). During the technical rehearsal in Glasgow, as I was trying to be clever with the lighting, my camera suddenly informed me that my memory card was full. Nothing to worry about. I simply changed the card for another one.

The only problem is that for some reason, the card has crashed. It is still showing at full but I can't access the pictures and download/save them. I have tried several things but the options are limited. Slightly tells me he has a card reader which might accept the format I use. Otherwise, my last option will be to go to a photo shop and try and have everything put on a disk. If that doesn't work I might as well dump the card, which I also apparently won't be able to replace as they don't seem to make them any more.


Any advice very much welcome.

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