Thursday, 24 May 2007

Planned Interuption of Service

I am not always very good at posting regularly on this blog, mostly because nothing much is happening or I just can't be asked.

For the next few days, however, you will be able to switch off your computer and stop checking anxiously every five minute for another pearl of wisdom from this site (I wish!). Tomorrow morning, I am taking the train to Edinburgh where I will be singing with the Chorus at the Usher Hall on Saturday before a concert in Glasgow on Sunday and coming back to London on Monday evening.

I am still discussing with myself as to whether I will be taking my laptop with me (there is apparently wifi where I am staying but it's not clear whether it's free or not) so I may do just that and post. As if.

In any case, and at the very least, expect pictures when I come back.

Have a good week-end.

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