Monday, 14 March 2005

Is That Good or Bad?

An interesting email sent on my Chorus' mailing list by one of the members (see below). Being French I have had an ID Card since my early teens I think (it was made for the occasion of a school day trip to a themed park in Germany. I have been carrying it all the time with me ever since (until I lost my wallet last year, that is when I did not bother to get a new one). When I am asked for ID in this country I am always a bit confused as to what I should show. An ID card just makes things easier I think.

After rushing around at the last minute as usual, I arrived at Gatwick for a flight home to Belfast. Standing in the queue to check in, I suddenly remembered I had forgotten to bring my passport. (Not legally required of course but merely as an identity check.) All I had with me was my London Gay Men's Chorus membership card which I proudly presented to the girl on the desk. She looked at it carefully and then carried on with the check in.

Last year my LGMC card gained me entry to a private gentlemans club in Florida while others were being turned away for not having correct ID with them.

While I am in favour of National ID Cards, I take great comfort in the fact that my LGMC card has not failed me yet and shall continue to use it until the National Cards are introduced!

(Identified as a Second Tenor)

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