Friday, 18 March 2005


The plan for today was to go to the gym. You will be pleased to hear that I did this morning. Quite literally. I went and came back.
Their computer system is down today and, since I lost my membership card with my wallet in December, they could not look me up on the system. This is a council run gym. They have several and I actually joined at a different one from the one I went to this morning. When I asked if they could ring the other one, they told me the system was down there too but that I should go there where they could do a manual search (am not sure they actually can), which could obviously not be done over the phone!!!!
Perhaps in another six months...
Update - 11am.
I have now rung the "original gym" (the one I registered to) who told me their system is back on again and that I could go and train at the gym I went to this morning but that if I wanted a replacement card, I would have to go to the "original" one and pay £3.50 (!) for a new card!

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