Tuesday, 8 March 2005

Mea Maxima Culpa

I know I have been bad. Haven't blogged for over a week now. That is because I was off work and did not find the time to blog. I guess I didn't found anything to blog about otherwise I would probably have done it. I know also have a week worth of headlines to go through... More to come I guess...

Come to think of it this is all rather strange: as I look back to the past week when prompted by someone's question, and try to sum up what I have been doing, I can only come up with "not much". Ok, I have been to see the new Caravaggio exhibition at the National Gallery and I have seen 5X2, followed by a Q&A with Francois Ozon, the director. I also saw Head On with the scrumptious Alex Dimitriades. I have spent two days in "studio" recording the last bits of the Christmas CD with the chorus and we almost did get a white Christmas (albeit in March)! I finally redesigned my CV with the much appreciated help of my friend who appeared in previous posts (I guess he will have to be called My Friend) and I got my first crack at Quark Xpress.

But mostly, when I look back on this week, it seems I went to bed late (or early depends on how you look at it), didn't read much and generally wasted a lot of time. I read something recently (I think it was in Memoires D'outre-tombe by Chateaubriand) about how time seems to go very slowly when you are a kid and how things speed up as you get older. Judging but how fast the week went, I must be about 150!!!

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