Saturday, 12 March 2005

LGBT and Ethnicity

Something I had planned to post during LGBT History Month but did not get round to.... Here it is now.

Whether, you go to a bookshop or look on the net, the ethnic stereotype for gay people is the same as for the rest of the population. Everyone is GWM. Gay White Male. You tend to hear about other ethnic minorities only in negative context. And here too it is the same with the gay "community".

The topic that hogged the gay headline this year here in London was the campaign against murder music. And there were the murders of two gay activists: FannyAnn Eddy and Brian Williamson. I took part in the vigiles for both and black people were hard to find. More understandably perhaps, none turned up during a demonstration outside a venue where Buju Banton was going to perform. Considering the level of petty and ignorant hatred we experience there from the punters who might possibly have recognised people who would not want to be.

As for positive coverage....

Trying to tip the balance slighly, I had a google around:

Black, Muslim and Gay

UK Black Out

Big UP

Gays and Lesbians in the Arab World

Out and Muslim in the UK

Imaan, Muslim support group in London

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