Wednesday, 9 March 2005

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Catching up... *pants*

India Lesbians Wed
(New Delhi) Winter is India's wedding season, a time of gold jewelry, dancing and loud music.

AIDS In The Closet
(Dakar) Tears trickle down Serigne's scarred face as he recounts what it's like to be gay in his Muslim west African homeland of Senegal.

Gays 'Threaten Society' Islamic Leader Says
(Hong Kong, China) One of the world's leading Islamic scholars has angered gay rights advocates in Asia and Europe after declaring that granting gay rights is a threat to society and should not be tolerated.

Recognize Gay Families Greece Told
(Athens) A quasi Government agency has told the Greek government to create a civil unions registry.

Gays Win Romania Airline Case
(Bucharest) Authorities on Tuesday found that Romania's state-owned airline illegally excluded gays from a Valentine's Day sale for couples, and ordered the company to pay a $180 fine.

Topeka: Yes To Gay Rights No To Phelps Clan
(Topeka, Kansas) The virulent anti-gay Fred Phelps clan was dealt a double blow in the group's hometown Tuesday.

Helmsley Too Old To Sue For Gay Bias
(New York City) Hotel billionaire Leona Helmsley is too old to be sued for making alleged death threats against a gay former employee a New York City judge has ruled.

Move To Repeal Gay Military Ban Gains Support From Retired Brass
(Washington) Legislation to repeal "Don't Ask, Don't Tell," the military's ban on gays in the military was introduced in Congress on Wednesday.

Call For Independent Investigation Into Anti-Gay Practices Of Bush Appointee
(Washington) Scott Bloch, the Bush-appointed Special Counsel, is in trouble again over the way he runs his office, and this time it has resulted in a call for an independent investigation.

Hungary To Recognize Gay Partners
(Budapest) The Hungarian government has announced plans to create a civil unions registry for the nation's same-sex couples.

UK Introduces Bill To Protect Gays
(London) The British government Thursday released details of new legislation to protect the rights of gays and other minorities.

Lutheran Scholars Oppose Gay Proposal
(New York City) Seventeen scholars from 12 campuses have released a strong statement against a proposal that the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America officially maintain its stance against same-sex ceremonies and gay clergy while tolerating dissent from that policy.

Study Profiles Gay Hispanic Couples
(Miami, Florida A new study of same-sex Hispanic couples in Florida demonstrates they have many of the same stable, pro-family characteristics as non-gay Hispanics despite having fewer family rights.

A Good Night for Williams & Collette
Robin Williams is set and Toni Collette has started final negotiations to star in the Hart Sharp Entertainment adaptation of Armistead Maupin's The Night Listener.

Legislation Would Protect Gay Fetuses
Augusta, Maine) State Rep. Brian Duprey has filed a bill that would forbid women from ending a pregnancy based on the projected sexual orientation of a fetus.

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