Tuesday, 29 March 2005

Living Up to One's Reputation

My faithful readers (if there is such thing) may remember that I lost my wallet (unless it was picked off my pocket, which is more likely) back in December. In the wallet, I was carrying my ID card and my driving licence; both documents I don't usually need in this country. I going back to France next month for a week and will be requiring my driving licence as I intend to drive once there. I am told that the ... errr... best way to get a new copy of my licence is to go through the French Consulat. I don't want to think of what the not so good ways can be like!

My previous, and thankfully limited experience with this outpost of the dreaded French Administration taught me that they are not very efficient, not really bothered with helping anyone and that going to see them, means getting up early to queue for most of the morning. I also know that all sorts of unexpected documents will be asked from me for my request to be met.

To try and find out more about the ....errr... best way to proceed, I first visited their website. Not a word about driving licences there and all the information seems to be directed to French tourists not the people living in this country. Thanks! The site looks rather shite and there is no way to get in touch with them electronically.

They give out a phone number however, which I have just tried. I ended up in the loops of an infuriating answering system which goes on for ever, delivering irrelevant information. When I finally got to an option vaguely corresponding to what I was looking for I was told that the option is not available!!!!

This means I am going to have to take half a day off and go and queue... Vive la France! No, Really!

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