Sunday, 20 November 2005

Cold Frustration

How frustrating it is not to be able to relate to the people around you; people you know are worth knowing; people who seem to want to know you.

How so much more saddening it is not to be able to relate to someone you fancy, one of the very few people you fancy, and watch other people (who might feel like you but who probably don't) fare much better than you in relating to that person you admire...

Even though you have tried, there is this invisible wall between you and him, between you and them; a wall against which you keep banging your head. This crystalises your feelings of solitude and makes you wonder what you are doing wrong.

Not nice thoughts for a bus ride in the early night of a cold, already festively iluminated, November evening.


  1. This won't help, but when it happens, it happens...

  2. What can't you relate? What are you scared of?

  3. Could you use some co-operative third party to organise an excuse for you to do something together? Perhaps to invite you both out for dinner with a group or to a concert? Might help you break the ice.

  4. We had sort of broken the ice but things have frozen over again, unfortunately... I even invited him to a concert once. he declined saying he gets figetty at concerts...

    I don't think he is interested anyway...

    Thanks for the advice though :O)


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