Friday, 4 November 2005

What Sort of Friend is That?

Slightly just sent me an email telling he had just been on the phone with IP, a guy he thought he was interested in and sort of dated for a while. After a few weeks of drama, the guy told Slightly he was sort of back with his ex and then that he was dating someone else.

From what I can gather, there has been a few since then. I met IP once. Slightly had organise a meeting in town. A visiting friend of IP was there too. He didn't leave a great impression in my mind and added to what I know of how attention seeking he seems to be, I can't say I am enamoured with the guy.

The phone call was apparently to moan (read cry) about the ex boyfriend again. It turns out that IP also asked from my phone number and that of another of Slightly's friends because he apprently found both of us cute and wants to take us out for coffee.

And what does Slightly go and do, knowing how desperate I am and how used I am to weirdos? He refuses to give our details and tells the guy to call him "when he gets back to reality"...

Too right!!!!

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  1. further to this post, today I had a phone call from IP, whom appears to be seeing someone else now.

    The call was to say he still wanted to be friends with me but that he did not need zefrog's number.

    Reality check please!


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