Friday, 11 November 2005

From My New Friend

I had another email from my new friend last tonight. I had posted details of an event on the Chorus' mailing list (a list he had flamboyantly announced a month ago he was unsubscribing from), for people's information. Not commenting and certainly not saying that I would be attending, which I am not going to.

A few hours later, I received this:
I'm tempted to warn anyone about going to a social event with you...

To which I responded (borrowing from Oscar Wilde):
There is only one thing in the world worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about.

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  1. He makes it sound like you have a sinister social side to you, like Jekyll/Hyde split personality.

    I'd be most intrigued if he's actually over the age of 17.

  2. Just out of interest - how much was the watch insured for....

  3. I don't know, Anonymous... And I am not really interested to be honest.


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