Monday, 14 November 2005

No Gay Priests for the Vatican

I have blogged about this before when it was only a rumour. I will not repeat my arguments here. It seems this is however getting ever closer to becoming reality although the policy seems as ill-thought and contradictory as it seems when we first heard of it. Of course this is only a report on an Associated Press report of a newspaper report! Hardly first hand information. This means that the information can get diluted and skewed but this article raises more questions than it answers. Why should "men with "passing" homosexual tendencies that were never acted on" be allowed to ordained when "those who support gay culture cannot become priests"? Could they not be themselves supporters of the "gay culture" even if they do not take part in it?

Also, how is the Church going to acertain that "they have overcome [their homosexual tendencies ] for at least three years"?
According to the paper, the document says gay men can't become priests because their lifestyle represents an "obstacle to a correct relationship with men and women."
This short sentence is probably the most outrageous part of the article. It shows the Catholic Church in all its irrational and prejudiced bigotry. Why and How can being homosexual preclude someone from entering a "correct relationship" (whatever that is!) with other human beings? In what way is the homosexual desire more difficult to control than the heterosexual one? This is such a patronising statement and obviously part of the Vatican's campaign to demonise homosexuals and present them as abominations (to quote the Old Testament); immature people with no control over their behaviour.

We are a long way off from the official doctrin of "hate the sin, love the sinner".


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